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The organization of the Aspects of Neuroscience conference, which this year is organized by the Neuroinformatics Students' Association (before it was organized by the Neurobiology Students' Association), is a long-standing conference arrange by students associated with neurosciences. THIS YEAR we plan to organize it stationary on November 26-28, 2021.

It will be the 10th jubilee edition!! Therefore, we decided to operate on a larger scale and ask other scientific associations all over the Poland related to neuroscience for help creating a unique event. We plan to invite respected and famous guests from all over the world who will share their knowledge and experience with participants.

We hope this conference will provide an opportunity for scientists from all over the neuroscience to meet. Additionally, we would like to organize neuroscience workshops, the main aim of which would be to promote this interesting field and exchange skills between scientists. If nothing stands in our way, the workshops will be intended for both children and adults. The second idea is to organize a job fair for students finishing their studies related to neuroscience.

Our goal is to organize an event on a large scale and achieve recognition among scientists from all over the neuroscience.

The conference has 4 main sessions: 

  • Neurobiology - basic research on non-human species, studying molecular, cellular, circuit or behavioral properties of the nervous system.
  • Clinical Neuroscience - studies on any malfunctions of the nervous system, done on human patients, animals or in vitro models.
  • Computational Neuroscience - any kind of brain research which extensively use in silico tools, such as mathematical modelling, interesting ways of data analysis, new pieces of software or automatic experimental approaches.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience - basic research on healthy human participants which use neuroimaging, psychophysiology or behavioral techniques to study brain functions.

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