How to get there?

How to get there?

Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw is located at Ochota Campus in the neighborhood of other life science and mathematical Faculties and Institutions. There are three ways to get to Warsaw: airplane, train or bus. In the NEIGHBOURHOOD section the closest bus/tram stops are marked, which you can approach with cues below. In START POINTS we highlight in START POINTS section most convenient travel destinations.



The closest bus/tram stations to Faculty of Biology are marked on the map.


  • START points


  • Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Chopin Airport is the biggest airport in Poland with many airlines offices. It is a place of arrival from majority of European countries. We recommend to search for flights arriving to this destination.  


From Warsaw Chopin Airport there is very easy transport to Faculty of Biology:

  • By bus from „LOTNISKO CHOPINA – PRZYLOTY 02” bus stop: 175 or 188 

Both lines guide You to „BANACHA SZPITAL 02” bus stop


  • By train with Koleje Mazowieckie or SKM – Fast City Train to station: „WARSZAWA-ZACHODNIA (Warsaw West Railway Station)” or „DWORZEC CENTRALNY (Warszawa Centralna – Warsaw Central Railway Station)”


  • Warsaw Modlin Airport

Warsaw Modlin Airport is the second airport in the neighbourhood of Warsaw. Journey from Modlin to Warsaw last approximately 40 min to 1 hour.

From Warsaw Modlin Airport You should go to Warsaw by Modlin bus or by train:



  • Warsaw Central Railway Station

Warsaw Central Railway Station is the main train station in the Center of Warsaw. It is a place which you can approach from main cities of Central-Eastern Europe. To arrive to Faculty of Biology you should go: 

  • By  bus from „DWORZEC CENTRALNY 02” bus stop by lines: 175, 128 or 504 to bus stop „BANACHA SZPITAL 01” or „POMNIK LOTNIKA 04”


  • By tram from „DWORZEC CENTRALNY 08” tram stop by lines: 7,9 or 25 to tram stop „OCH-TEATR 04”

  • Warsaw West Railway Station

It is the second railway station near Ochota Campus. If Your train pass this station, you may get off the train and go to Faculty of Biology by bus from „DWORZEC ZACHODNI 01” bus stop by lines: 182,187 or 523 to bus stop „WAWELSKA 05”

  • Mlociny Metro Station

It is the last station of metro in Warsaw. There is a bus stop of Polskibus. The easiest way to approach to Faculty of Biology is going by metro in Kabaty direction to POLITECHNIKA station. by bus from „METRO POLITECHNIKA 02” by 182,187,523 to „POMNIK LOTNIKA 01”

  • Wilanowska Metro Station

It is the other bus stop of Polskibus. The way to Faculty of Biology is almost analogous. You should go by metro in Mlociny direction to station „POLITECHNIKA” and further way is the same as in five point.

In case of any problems we recommend to use „Jak dojade” application:



Bus and tram communication:

Koleje Mazowieckie:

SKM – Fast City Train:


Polski bus: