Dear all!
We would like to remind you about a few details regarding the conference, and maybe clarify some things.
To summarize:
❗The conference can be attended both onsite and remotely. The fees are the same regardless of the form you choose.
❗Poster session
There will be a remote as well as onsite session for each panel. For all those participating actively online, please prepare an approximately 3 minute video on the topic being presented. For those wishing to present stationary, please prepare both a video to be broadcasted and a poster in A0 format.
For those presenting stationary there will be a poster display at a specific location as every year.
During the remote session, the videos you have prepared will be played in the main hall. We will all be connected online and there also will be a chance for online and stationary participants to ask questions.
❗Seminar session
You can also take place remotely or stationary and will be broadcasted to online participants. If you decide on online form, please provide a video discussion of the topic to be shown in case of major connectivity issues.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Dear All! Remember to register for the conference! Deadlines are getting closer! active participants' registrations is already closed…

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