Registration Is Open!!!

Dear all! 


We are excited to announce the opening of registration for the 10th International Conference Aspects of Neuroscience! We kindly ask you to read the entire post as we want to give you some important information related to the still uncertain pandemic situation.


As we all know the pandemic situation is constantly changing. At this point there are still some restrictions on how many people can be in one room. Unfortunately we can't say for sure what the situation will be like in November - if the restrictions are lifted, every registered person will have access to the main conference room. However, we would like you to be aware of the rules that may apply if the number of infections increases and therefore new restrictions are introduced.


If the limit of people allowed in one room is reintroduced, the first few dozen people (the specific number will depend on the restrictions introduced) who register will be guaranteed a place in the main conference room. Subsequent registrants will be assigned to the next rooms, according to the current limit, where they will be able to watch the live broadcast from the main hall. Everyone will be allowed to proceed to the main conference room upon voluntary presentation of their vaccination certificate, as these individuals shall not be included in the applicable limits. 


Please note that this is a contingency plan in the event of a rapid increase in the number of infections. The conference might take place without any restrictions, if the pandemic situation improves, but we want you to be aware that some limitations might be put in place again. We want the conference to take place in a comfortable and, above all, safe environment for everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


Important! Payments can only be made online, they will not be accepted on-site.


Please also read the conference rules and regulations: TERMS


Register here! ---> REGISTRATION FORM



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