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Regulations of the Scientific Conference " Aspects of Neuroscience "


§ 1. General provisions

1.1.The Scientific Conference " Aspects of Neuroscience ", hereinafter referred to as the Conference, will be held on November 26-28, 2021.

1.2 The Organizer of the Conference is the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Physics).

1.3. The following terms used in these Regulations have the following meaning:

a. Organizer: University of Warsaw

b. Participant: the person registering for the Conference by sending the application form available on the website https://www.aspectsofneuro.com/ .

1.4. Subject to the points below, the Conference is held in a full-time mode (except for two  lectures). The conference program is available on the website https://www.aspectsofneuro.com/event-schedule/

1.5. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the Conference program and undertakes to publish up-to-date information in this regard on the website. In particular, the Organizer reserves the following:

a) the right to change stationary events (events, meetings) to remote events in the event of a change in the epidemiological situation in the country or the introduction of new epidemiological or sanitary guidelines,

b) introducing restrictions on participation in stationary events for unvaccinated persons, in the case of introducing statutory standards in this area,

c) the right to change the time schedule and the order of appearance.

1.6 The Organizer also reserves the right to cancel the Conference or change its date in the event of deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the country, in particular the introduction of restrictions on the operation of universities. In the event of cancellation of the Conference by the Organizer, the fee for participation in the Conference shall be refunded within 30 days from the provision of correct data until the date of return .

1.7 Due to sanitary guidelines (social distancing), the Conference may be held in several rooms, but the events will take place in room 0.03 ("main room"), and the other rooms will be broadcast live. The allocation of seats to the rooms will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Each room will have a certain number of places, determined according to the recommendations of sanitary authorities. Entry to the rooms above the set limit of places will require the presentation of a vaccination certificate for Covid -19. The organizer ensures that the certificates will not be processed in any way, and in particular will not be preserved.


§ 2. Participation in the Conference

2.1. The condition for participation in the Conference is:

a) application for participation in the Conference by filling in the application form available on the website https://www.aspectsofneuro.com/registration/ , while sending the application is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations;

b) pay the fee for participation in the Conference in the amount, on time and to the account indicated by the Organizer. Information on fees can be found on the website of the conference website at https://www.aspectsofneuro.com/fees-and-deadlines/;

c) obligation to comply with sanitary and fire safety standards and guidelines, as well as respect for the rights and dignity of other people, including Conference Participants.

2.2. The number of places at the Conference is limited. The order in which the applications are accepted is decisive.

2.3 The condition for participation in the Conference is to receive from the Organizer via the online system confirmation of registration, in the absence of information confirming the registration within 48 hours from the moment of registration, please contact us at the e-mail address info@aspectsofnero.com.

2.4. Registration requires the provision of personal data of the Participant, i.e. name, surname, e-mail address and additional information necessary to issue an invoice. When registering, the Participant is asked to consent to the processing of personal data and to read the Information on the processing of his personal data by the Organizer. Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary to participate in the Conference.

2.5 The Participant's resignation from participation in the Conference may only take place by sending relevant information to info@aspectsofnero.com.

2.6 It is possible to participate in the Conference as a passive or active participant, presenting a poster or giving a speech in a seminar session.

2.7 The deadline for submitting abstracts for active participants is October 18th (the deadline may be extended). Abstracts should be sent together with the application for participation.

2.8 The deadline for registering as a passive participant is November 15th (the deadline may be extended).

2.9 The Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee decide on the acceptance of an abstract, poster or presentation (for the seminar session). Their decision is final. The approval decision will be sent by e-mail within four weeks from the deadline for submitting abstracts . The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the plenary session chosen by the participant at which the poster / presentation is presented, if necessary.

2.10 If a given abstract has not been accepted for the seminar session, it will be automatically enrolled in the poster session (unless the Organizing Committee decides otherwise).

2.11 Maximum size of printed poster is A0. It is possibile to present a multimedia poster, but the organizers cannot provide any displayer.


§ 3 Conference rules

3.1. The Organizer is not responsible for the Participants' belongings that may be lost, damaged or stolen during the Conference.

3.2. The participant bears full responsibility for the damage he has caused to the premises where the activities related to the Conference are carried out.

3.3. The Participant is fully responsible for all materials and information presented by him at the Conference, as well as for all statements and presentations presented by him during the Conference.

3.4. During the conference organizer can carry out photographic sessions, to stream live and record the course of the Conference (including statements Participants) for the purposes of documentation, promotion and advertising of the Organizer, every participant agrees.

3.5 With regard to the works listed in point 3.4, the Participant grants the Organizer a non-exclusive, free license to use without time and territorial limitations in the following fields of use:

a) recording by any technique (in any system, format and on any medium), including digitally,

b) reproduction by any technique (in any system, format and on any medium), including digitally, c) placing on the market,

c) entering into computer memory, computer and / or multimedia networks, databases,

d) public sharing in such a way that everyone can have access to works and objects of related rights at a place and time chosen by them (including sharing on the Internet, e.g. as part of any websites and any paid or free services, the Participant expresses consent to the creation by the Organizer of derivative works, as well as to the disposal and use of derivative works. The participant also allows the Organizer to exercise derivative copyright.

3.6 Participation in the Conference is tantamount to expressing free, unlimited in number, time or territory, consent to the free use, processing, duplication and multiple dissemination of the image and statements of the Participant captured in photos taken during the Conference without the need to approve them each time, for information, promotional and promotional purposes and Conference advertising. The above consent is tantamount to the fact that photos and recordings made during the Conference may be posted on the Internet, including in particular on the website at ... and websites open, closed and on social networks Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3.7. The participant who participates in the Conference remotely will receive the conference materials, including the certificate of participation by e-mail. In case of changing the conference mode to remote, the gadgets will be sent by mail.

3.8. If the Conference is conducted remotely, the Participant will receive individual access to the online digital platform Zoom (hereinafter referred to as the Platform), under which he can use the following services:

a) streaming consisting in live transmission of lectures and workshops of the Conference,

b) the possibility of asking the speakers questions and participating in interactive elements of the Conference,

c) access to virtual exhibitions and materials provided by the Conference partners.

3.9. The minimum hardware requirements for remote participation are available at




§ 4 Sanitary safety

4.1. Participants are asked not to come to the meeting area if they experience any disturbing symptoms.

4.2 The organizer is entitled to control the number of people present at the event. If the Participants are limited to vaccinated persons, or if unvaccinated persons are limited in the Conference, the Participant agrees to show - in the case of stationary events - a vaccination certificate. This consent is voluntary, but necessary for participation in these events. The organizer undertakes not to record or store this information.

4.3. The spatial arrangement (the so-called set- up , i.e. the arrangement of chairs, tables, stages, etc.) of the meeting / event will be organized in the following way:

• • ensuring increased physical distance between participants of the meeting / event, min. 1.5 meters;                     

• • preventing the participant of the event / meeting from choosing a place independently (places / chairs etc. specially marked and assigned to a given person)                     

what the participants agree to.

4.4. Participants may be required to wear masks or use other means of protection, if such a requirement results from applicable regulations, including internal regulations of the Organizer or from the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

4.5. If the Participant of a stationary meeting experiences disturbing symptoms suggesting infection with coronavirus, he will be immediately separated from the rest of the people and directed to a designated room.


§ 5 Final Provisions

5.1. The organizer is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations and to interpret them to the extent permitted by law and these Regulations.

5.2 The Organizer reserves the right to use the e-mail address provided during registration for the Conference in order to notify the Conference Participants, inter alia, on changes to the Conference program and the Regulations

5.3 Any disputes that may arise from participation in the Conference will be settled by the court competent for the seat of the Organizer.

5.4 The Regulations have been drawn up in two languages: Polish and English. In the event of any discrepancy between the translations, the Polish version is decisive.

5.5. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Polish Civil Code shall apply.

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